Impact Rocks Thomasville

Impact Rocks was started to help our youth spread God’s word in a fun and exciting way. They will be able to see where the rocks with God’s word on them have spread by seeing the photos posted on this page. They can get their friends and family involved and have a blast! There are some rules to follow to keep the fun going and get as many people involved as possible. Our hope is to get these rocks spread across the city, state, and maybe even the US! Be sure to post pictures of where you have found and taken these rocks and label them with the park, city, and state they were found/left behind.
1. IF YOU TAKE A ROCK, LEAVE A ROCK. This will allow the game to continue. If you want to take a rock to another park, be sure to leave one in the current park as well.
2. Be sure to put the location of a Bible Verse on the rock somewhere. For example ‘John 3:16’.
3. Be sure to put the Facebook symbol with ‘ImpactRocksThomasville’ on the back of the rock. This will lead people that don’t know about the game to the page.
4. Post your picture of the rock on this page with the park name, city, and state where you found it or if you are taking one to another city or state, post the picture of the rock with the same location so we can see where they are spreading.
5. HAVE FUN and tell people about it!

***A few things to keep in mind:
– Steer clear of school properties and privately owned properties. Schools are required to follow certain regulations with their parks and properties.
– Be mindful of where lawn mowers might run over the rock. No better way to say God loves you than having a rock thrown through a window from a lawn mower running over it



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